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Project size limits

Does anyone know is there is a file size limit on a TW project. I am embarking on a VT of a small town (a kind of google earth at street level) and want to include as many streets as I can which may run into 60-70. Has anyone made a large VT like this before or would it be better  to have a separate VT Project for each street and link it all together from a map/scene on each Project?

Any ideas/thoughts appreciated.

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I have done tours with 60 pano scenes before and had no problems.  For CDs large projects are no worry.  If you are going to run it over the net you might look at ways to brake it down in to areas just because TW preloads the images in the order they are in the scene list so if your client jumps to a street thats way at the bottom of the list and all ajoining scenes will be loaded on demand and take some time.
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Hey there

This is my area of interest so I'm happy to chuck in a few suggestions.  I know TW 1.3 has a limit of about 28mb before there are problems in a tour...does TW 3.00 have this?
If it doesn't then yes you can have much larger tours but I'd recommend that you think carefully about whether this is what you think your visitors might need?  I add still images and voice-overs/sound effects to mine and this makes it a much bigger tour.  If we say that someone will spend 30 seconds looking at a pano (which is what they do at the very least - usually it seems to be about a minute) then a 70 shot tour will keep them busy for over half an hour...if its 1 minute per pano then your tour takes an hour and do people really want to do that all in one long chunk? I'd have to say, based on my experience, I doubt that this will happen.  What I would suggest is splitting your tour up into 10/20 pano tours. 
What I've found, and you can disagree, is that it isn't the photo that necessarily makes the tour is the information about why this scene is important.

Hope this helps and if you have any other questions then I'm more than happy to answer.