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Newbie frustrations

I am having great difficulty getting the most basic functions to work. I can't track down any info about file sizes or for that matter even basic "How To s" about the simple first steps in Tourweaver. Is there a reference that is a bit more intelligible than the instructions put out by Easypano themselves?
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Hi CosmicRay, there is little or no info out there im afraid. Best way to get going is to start a new project,   choose a skin then under "list" select "Scene" and select the red + to start adding scenes. This will at least get some images into the project. Once this is done click on any of the scene names and at the top of the viewing screen select Immersive - you will then see your first VT of the image you uploaded and you shouldbe able to drag the image around. Click on "flat" and the image becomes full size and in this mode you can add hot spots which have various properties that you will see at the bottom of the screen and various actions that you can apply to them. At any time you can view how thing are looking by pressing the preview button in the toolbar. Tourwaver automatically creates a slideshow for you by default. Once you get these few basics done then you can play around a bit and visit back to this forum where help is always available.

Good luck.

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Hi, CosmicRay!!

First of all, welcome to this forum. Here we  are a lot of people willing to help you, of course as far as our knowledge allows as to do so. Why dont you start step by step so one can guide you thru the soft. It is no so difficult and soon you will be able to handle it.

Feel free to ask.

Regards, Martin

PS: in the meanwhile, you received a first answer from nerjaace. BTW I once, many years ago, stayed in Nerja in the Hotel "Estrella de Mar".