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Cannot run virtual tour

Hi All,

I encounter the following problem:

Two situations:

1. I can view the virtual tour locally on my Windows XP PC, i.e. the files are on local hard disk and not running any web server.  The java applet runs well.

2. I uploaded all the required files to my Red Hat Linux web server, and try to load the virtual tour, it gives a blank screen on my browser.

Do you know what could be the problem?  I am still using the demo version of Tourweaver (trying out before buying it).  Could this be the problem?  Or should I do anything on my Linux web server?

Please advise, thanks.

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I remember seeing another thread perhaps a month ago addressing this very issue. Someone at Panoweaver came into the thread and explained that the demo version works only on a local computer. The demo version does not create a tour that can be uploaded. At least that's what I remember...perhaps you could spend a bit of time looking through the various threads, I expect you'll find it after a bit of searching.



Robert Jeantet