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Firefox not having a scroll bar

Hi everyone.

Need help.  The tour runs well with IE, but with firefox,  there is never a scroll bar on the right side of the page, to scroll down to the bottom of the flash movie, hence the tour gets 'cut off' from the bottom.

Anyone with Firefox experience this?    Your feedback is well appreciated.

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Hello Todd  Welcome to the forum

Using IE 7, I clicked your link and the TW work came up in a NEW WINDOW smaller than the TW page.  So its cut off on the bottom.  IE 7 then shows a slider bar on the right.

Using FF,  the TW work came up on a full sized window - no scroll bar is needed.

I am looking at your work on a Samsung 24.5" LCD monitor.  Lots of white space around the TW work.

I visited your website.  Could not find the Boat link.  However it could be that you might created this as a predefined popup new page.  And maybe FF does not recognize your popup new page html code.

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