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Replace Maps

Why when I replace a map I have to do again all the links to the scenes??

somehow is possible to keep the whole information, and just change the map??

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You should be able to replace the map in TW3.0 without replacing all the links to the scenes.  Under the map tab you have add, delete, and replace map buttons. 

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Hi Jordi, I had a similar problem when I changed a cylindrical image - all the links had to be redone.
I agree: you should be able to "replace" any item without having to re-work the project. I think the problem is that the replaced image (or map) gets a new name (i.e. 1_image1.jpg or 1_map1.jpg) and this breaks the hotspots linkage?
My solution was to simply overwrite the image (in your case a map) by using the exact same name and dropping it into the project folder. For me it was the Scene folder, for you I guess it would be the Map folder.

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Same problem here.

it is definitely a BUG.