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edit the config.bin


i need to edit the config.bin
is that possible?

2 changes that i need:
- my tourweaver.html are required in a php-code, so the diretory settings in the config-file are wrong, and have to be edit
- i want a tour with 40 scenes, and 20 sequences - and i want to set the starting sequence with a variable in my php code.

in tw1.3 the config.txt was in plaintext!!!

greets flo
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It would be nice if the code were open source... I am finding a lot of limitations to the software. If it were open source, we could really expand the possibilities. I may actually end up abandoning it all together if I can't make my tours more "Web 2.0" in appearance.
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I agree. I can't tell you how many times I have missed the ability to edit the code. With all the improvements to Tourweaver, removing the ability to edit the code is, for me, a monumental step backward!!! A huge mistake!!!
PLEASE - Can explain how to edit the code in TW3???
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