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Setting paths

I am having trouble setting paths. I notice in the sample tours of the new version that it allows you to zoom in and stop on certain points for durations. I have been trying to set paths, but when I preview they don't show up. Is there a step I am missing? How do you set a path?



DJ McKim
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You can customize a path in the Path Panel.To create a new path, this logical order is preferred:

Add a new tour path -> Adjust its properties (Rename it, add sound files,etc) -> Select one scene image in the Scene List -> Drag it to an appropriate view in the Scene Display Area -> Insert frame (which has the current view) -> Edit frame (Copy, paste, adjust its positions, etc) -> Adjust its properties (Direction and time of presentation) -> Repeat the above procedures to add new paths and insert more frames -> Select one path and view its presentation result.