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I need defaults!!!

I run TourWeaver from my computer but keep all files on our server. When I open TourWeaver is asks "sample1, sample2, MyTour1 or MyTour2." I like that. I edit MyTour1 and now want to switch to MyTour2. I have to switch to the S: drive, Jeff directory, SeeTucson directory, Website directory, VTour directory and THEN the MyTour2 directory. Why won't it just start at the MyTour2 directory or ALWAYS start at the VTour directory.

OK, now I want to "publish" MyTour2 to my web server with the FTP option. Now I have to reenter all my FTP host account information? It's the same server, the same user ID, same password and mostly the same (extremely long) directory.

A default setting for these and other setting would speed up my production time a lot.

Thank you.


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