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Can you edit the 'full screen' toolbar?

Hey all

I'm looking to see if it is possible to edit the full screen toolbar and put my logo and colours in instead. Is this at all possible and if so where is the file that I edit?
Many thanks for any help

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You can check the help in tourweaver (see below) but it required to use flash or any application which would output to .fla

Quote from help in tourwevar :
"Note: In Tourweaver 3.00, the full screen toolbar can be customized. For flash viewer, you can make your own toolbar skin in .fla format and copy it to the resource folder in the Tourweaver installation directory. For Java applet viewer, you only need to replace the original images with your own in resource folder of installation directory."

"Knowledge Base
Article ID:     280
Category:     Trouble Shootings -> Tourweaver 3.00
Question:     How to make a custom tool bar for full screen?
Tourweaver3 supports customization of the full screen toolbar, please do as follows to customize the toolbar:
1. As for flash output, please go to the installation directory first, in the "resource" file folder, there are "fullscreenbar.swf" and "fullscreenbar.fla" files. "fullscreenbar.fla" is the original file which client can edit by themselves,such as replacing the images.
2. After editing, save it in the same file folder.
3. After you publish a tour, you'll find the toolbar at full screen mode changed.
As for Java output, just go to the published file folder, access the images zip folder, and replace images of the full screen toolbar in it."

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