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multiple Actions on ONE hotspot PLEEAASE

Hi - I cannot for the world find a way to have two or more actions placed on/in the one and the same hotspot, it is only one allowed apparently.

This is a shame.
I want to be able to open a sc ene in the veiwer at the same time as I open an url with info on thet scene in an i-frame in the same html-pane that I will have the TourweaverTour hosted on it.

As well as eventuall at the same time as that happens, also have a soundfile start playing -
I have tried to first link the scene, then add another action, so that would be  a sum result of what I need to put in there - but NO. Does not work.
I have tried to place hotspots on top of each other - does not work.
I have no knowledge of how to eventually write a script that could execute both actions - but it cannot be so hard to allow multiple actions in the same action-command, I have seen it done before, in the "good old" Reality Studio, now hopelessly outdated and not capable of other modern things, like Flash, but still the inspiration for Tourweaver as far as I can see... there are so many good things taken from Reality Studio as far as navigation and workflow, which is great, BUT please please please :

Give us MULTIPLE ACTIONS in the SAME Hotspot asap !

There must still be good enough time to put it in Version 4 !!




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Thanks for your suggestions. The feature of multiples actions for hotspot has been supported by Tourweaver 4.0. Please have a test:

Your more suggestions and comments are welcome.


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