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I would be very interested in seeing the results. It could save a lot of time by not having to bracket. But the off-set would be the extra gear you would have to carry around.
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Well, that's odd.

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this morning i tried my set up

I attached a boom arm at 90o to the centre column of my tripod,   to this i attached two speedlights 580ex mounted on flash head brackets, on top of my speedlights where lightspheres, the speedlight where fired by an st transmitter

if i get time i will upload a picture

good points
very easy to set up
easy to use, you are only carrying one tripod around the house,
it looks professional

bad points
on the Canon you loose the bracketing feature when you attach a strobe, so you have to manually adjust exposure for bracketed shots,
quite expensive if you don't have any of the kit,

picture quality
I will test this proper when my head and lens arrives,
with this set up it is my intention to introduce some fill light, to help the hdr process, and for that it worked very well, it reduced shadow areas caused by natural light, and generally raised the light level in the room, i exposed for the window, and dialed in -1.5ev on the transmitter,
exposing at -1.5 (will test for best settings) adds enough light without introducing shadows, catch-lights, glare etc

i still think hdr is the way to go, it just needs a helping hand in high contrast shots