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No close button image in publication

Tourweaver 1.02 - The close button image (3 states, 3 gif's) doesn't show up in the published tour. (Browser IE 5.5) , but the gif's are in the zipped skin-pack after publishing the tour. Customizing the applet parameters I can see the preview of the Close-button in the title bar. The "Advance Parameter Setting" is tagged. I have found no link in the config.txt inside the zipped skin-pack for the button images.
Any hints?

Follow up - Found the bug (?):

Inside the java script for the chromeless tour window there are the following lines:

var cD = 'Skin/close_dwn.gif'
var cU = 'Skin/close_up.gif'
var cO = 'Skin/close_ovr.gif'

The link for the buttons points to the directory Skin and not to zipped Skin package.

To resolve: Create a directory "Skin" and put the 3 images for button inside this directory - and the close button works.
The close button doesn't work in Mozilla Firebird and Opera.

My 2 cents about the right click window with the link to
Following the link to Easypanos website from the tour window, it will open the homepage of Easypano in fullscreen mode with Internet Explorer. The window takes control over the whole screen, and I think if a user doesn't know how to close this window he can get very annoyed about this nasty IE-feature. And about the website with these kind of "trap-windows".

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Hi Thomas,

I was my beleif that the Chromeless Window does not work correctly with Windows XP with Internet Exporer. Have you found a work around for this?

If so, please post a link so I may have a look at it in action.

Regards, Smooth

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Hi Thomas,

Thank you for your reporting this bug. It will be fixed in version 1.10.

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