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How to load scene using external links?

Can we load / change scenes from links in google maps etc? in TW4 I want to have the TW viewer and google maps on the same page and the map pop ups have links that load the scene in the TW viewer..
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Hi Rudders,

The problem is that there is no way to "drill down" to any specific point in a TW tour. If you add a URL to a placement pin in Google Maps it can only point to the main html page of your tour. To place them side by side you would use a html iframe.

If EP would add a feature to enable placement of named anchors in the Movie timeline then it might be possible to hyperlink to these using deep linking.

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Your other choice is to have separate tours for each link you want to have.
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Hi !

I always have had many problems for not being able to link directly to an image from outside the tour...

This would be a really useful tool...

My actual solution is just to publish the same project, but changing the order of the scenes.. I know is not the clean way, but still the only one... I'm still happy that the folder of images just need to be once...

With the new builder the problem is not so hard, because the *.zip file is not that big...The problem would come when you need to change project, then you have to make all projects again...

This should be one of the next features in the TW4, I hope