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Layout border problem / Feature Request

One can set the border of TextArea to any color.

But unfortunately you can not set it to "nothing".

Why would I want this.

If you have a background image as skin and you want to place an image (once again you would use an textarea for displaying images) just following a line this would cause a problem

Lets say your skin is half blue half red split horizontal and you want to place the images on the right red side.

You can set the border to red of the textarea but then in order not to see it you would have to set the textarea one pixel to the right (so left red border would not be in blue).....

... but this leaves your image one pixel right of the line between blue and red.

Ok its just one pixel but if you work with graphics people one pixel is the world.

So anyone knows a work around (maybe an extra empty textarea with blue border covering the red textare one pixel )

Maybe EP could make a border with like we know it from CSS or have the option of setting the border to transparent.

Anyone else who thinks that could be usefull.

Regards Markus

PS: Dont't get me wrong. I think TW is a great product and you can do a lot.

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Hi Markus, you can set the border of text area to "nothing" here:

at the bottom right. The only one you can't set to nothing is the scrollbar color. Now this is assuming you are talking about TW4, not sure about the others.

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