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TW4 Scene loading behavior

The answer to my question may be in another thread so I apologize if this is question has been has been answered previously.

I currently use TW3 and I like the way the scenes load, no blurry, no gray and the next scene in the list is preloaded and on top of all that the tour caches.

TW4 seems to do none of that which lends to a lower user experience. (I must clarify one thing though, if I am looking at the first scene of a TW4 tour the status bar in my browser says it is "transferring data". What is it transferring? The next scene still has to load with a progress bar!)

Can or will TW4 eventually act like TW3 in these regards? I need to know. If the answer is "no" then I absolutely cannot justify any of the other nice features TW4 has to offer. Thus I am stuck with TW3.

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"scenes load, no blurry, no gray"
This can be done in TW4. under publish settings go to the Flash VR tab and uncheck slice display.  I would also uncheck Pano size in normal scene viewer option.  These where both good ideas in concept but like you I hated the end result and they took even longer to load then just leaving the tour like TW3.0.  As far as I know there is no preloading in TW4.0.  I agree TW3.0 is better in that way.