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TW 1.30 issues with Firefox

hi there,


I recently completed three tours for some clients useing TW 1.30 and have been told by the client that the tour didn't work on Firfox. Alas i don't know what version or what Java version. I've not come across it myself and have the newest version of Firefox and java. just wondering if anybody has any clues??

Cheers and happy new year to all



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Plugins installed with and for IE aren't always automatically available to other browsers. Also it depends on what OS they are using. If they are using the default MS java its likely Firefox won't find it. As firefox is installed as an aftermarket browser often plugins such as java need to be reinstalled.
I can highly recommend upgrading to Flash VT's (TW4) as many more people have flash installed than they do java.

Hope this helps.

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we don't encounter this issue with firefox, could you please give us more details or an example having the problem?  
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