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More than one map

I try to add more than one map in the tourweaver pro but it doesn't work. Each time i put a new one, the previous one is erased... and i'm prety sure it wasn't the case in the trial version i downloaded first...

i have also some strange problems with the hint message on the hotspots: i have to put it 3 or 4 times before the program keep it ... 

thanks for your help

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Tourweaver only allows user to add one map. When you have added a control button of Map in the Skin Panel, you will find that this contril button turns grey, indicating that you are allowed to set one map in the viewer. If it is a must to add multiple maps, you can map an image with some graphic software, such as Photoshop. This map image can include several plans.

We have realized this function can benefit you, our customers, so this suggestion has been submitted to our Department Staff and taken into serious consideration.

Thanks for your feedbbacks!


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