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java update issue?

Last week I suddenly started having an issue with a tour I'm building. When I run a preview or publish the tour it cranks up and runs the first spherical. If I click on anything everything freezes. I just got a call today from a user of a tour I built about a year ago. His tour has started doing the exact same thing. Was there a recent update to java and could this be the culprit? Anyone else seeing this with ver 3.0?
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Was the virtual tour published by Tourweaver 3.00? Could you please let us have a look at the virtual tour online? What version of Java do you use now? and how many tours do yuhave with the issue?

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I am running tourweaver 1.3 and am having problems running tours in any Java above 6.7.

I am trying to upgrade my software to the newest edition but in the meantime I have several old tours out there that are now not running.

What can I do?