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Stop the audio loop please...

Hi all,

I've added *.au (Unix) sound files to a few scenes but when I click on one of these scenes in the tour, the audio will loop, playing over and over until I go to another scene.  Does anyone have a way to stop the audio from looping?  It's making me loopy… ha, ha, hey, hey, ho, ho..  I expect it's in the Config file that I could add some script if I know what it was.

By the way I've found a great shareware program to convert the standard audio files to the proper *.au format.  It's called GoldWave v5.06 and you can find the trial version at  I've been messing with it today and it worked every time.  There are some powerful features and it's the right price.  I'm sure Adobe Audition is awesome but I don't need a blowout just to do this conversion.

I hope to hear from someone very soon.. very soon.. very soon..