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Hay Everyone,


I’ve got a question that I hope some of you might want to help with and maybe share some tips and suggestions.  Most of the people I’ve contacted about doing tours for have been  business’s and people I’ve worked with in the past,  but I was wandering how others market their tours and services.  Do you do cold calls,  mailings, e-mailing, local papers or magazines, signage or flyers.  In my last business I pretty much received all the business I needed from word of mouth it was fine cause we were well established in the community, but starting  not only a new business, but a type that most are not to familiar with I’m sure will require a lot more work.


Any suggestions on what works best for you in your area would be greatly appreciated.


I do have a lot of other questions that I could use help on , but this is a lot to ask right now.



Thanks and take care.
mike (Gidg)
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