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make Tourweaver unrecognizable

Hi Everybody

I'm starting a real estate photography bussiness and would like to use Tourweaver. Do you think I can make Tourweaver unrecognizable, so that nobody, not even a web programer could tell which software I'm using in my website.

I mean so costumised that not even an expert would be able to know the software I'm using. 


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Got to ask why? Are you trying to limit posable competition?
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You could try to hide to hide the html code but even with that kind a solution, there are only a very few software (around 5) dealing with vtour on the market.

Once you investigate that field, it's quite easy to know all the players.

Most of the people involved in vtour know them all.

Tourweaver in my opinion is the only software producing vtours without having to hand-writte scripts.

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@Vince; exactly!

V-tour real estate photography is rare around here, but at the moment that the competition will learn that somone uses Full Screen V-tour they will try to do the same.

@Tbrusson : Good idea to hide the html code. I was first thinking about the graphic aspects of the viewer : loading, font, menu etc.

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Tourweaver Pro is the only program that doesn't offer up the developer via Right Click menu. It has no branding at all. You can set your own branding in the loader and in the skin and also the browser window frame.

Yes, you can hide the HTML code by encrypting it. But as stated people soon get to know the limited amount of panorama viewers so it is not hard to work them out.

Regards, Smooth

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Work on superior customer service and honest pricing and you won't have to worry about the competition.