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One should be able to customize the full screen bar in TW3 but the process will probably be different since TW3 could produce java and flash tour.

Anyway in the help menu, it was stated :
"Note: In Tourweaver 3.00, the full screen toolbar can be customized. For flash viewer, you can make your own toolbar skin in .fla format and copy it to the resource folder in the Tourweaver installation directory. For Java applet viewer, you only need to replace the original images with your own in resource folder of installation directory."

But I have not experienced a customization of the bar menu in TW3.


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Thanks Thierry

I will make a try in TW3

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Hi all

Sorry for my bad english (french)

But its possible to add news button call TW popup in flash bar in full screen mode ? In example fullscreenbar_all.fla i dont find action script on button its normal ? what's the for calling TW popup ?

Thx lot of


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I just finished plowing through this and related threads and it answers an earlier post of mine regarding customizing the full screen toolbar. Sorry for the redundant post.

Some things with tw5 are sure perplexing and this is one of those that fits that category.

Thanks for the expertise.
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Quote: Originally posted by smooth on April-22-2009

Far better to remove the fullscreenbar.swf from the program and replace it with the usual Tourweaver Skin options we use in regular size. This way nobody is reliant on another external coding program.


This has been done now with TW5 so you can build and use any of your own buttons between standard size and fullscreen.

A far better solution.

Regards, Smooth