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Studio 2007 to 2009

Anyone know if there's an upgrade path from Studio 2007 Pro to 2009 Pro, other than buying the individual panoweaver and tourweaver? Having supported EasyPano since the early days, $400 seems a bit steep, espcially in these economic times... Work gets scarce, and prices go up without warning from $100 each to $200 each... Any discounts for loyalty? Just asking. Need to upgrade from Studio '07, but can't afford that big a jump at this time. Thanks for a great product.

Donald Hill
Donald Hill
Nikon D200 | Nikon 10.5 | Nodal Ninja 5L | PW 5 | TW 3
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Hello Donald, welcome to the forum!

You may know, Studio 2007 and Studio2009 are bundle promotional items, which includes Panoweaver professional and Tourweaver professional. You can upgrade your Panoweaver and Tourweaver to the latest versions separately. After upgrding we will send new licesne keys to you, then you can still use the older version, there are some different features the latest versions don't have, which will conitue bringing interests to your business.


If you can't afford the upgrade cost of both PW and TW at one time, then we recommend you to upgrade your Tourweaver 3.00 pro to TW4 pro as the priority,which will maximize the benefits for your virtual tour creating business.

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