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Absolute begginer need help

first of all I wish to say hello to everyone. I am new with TW 4 and I just dont know to start making simplest tours using integrated help (F1) please can someone give me a ling to complete step by step guide or to help me with step by step instructions..i was looking at video tutorial but without is very hard to follow.

Thank to anyone with good will to help to a new friend....Arvin
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hi..ok...I have made panorama in 360degree with Nodal I have 10 images separated of thant panorama, or if you need I have stitched panorama..and from that panorama I have 360 degree QTVR...

what is easyest to use in order to make Virtual tour ...

i dont have problem making qtvr of 360 degree....problem is 360 x 180 what do you sugest to do in order to make virtual tour of 360 x 180 degree...

to use separated panorama photos + nadir+zenit, to use
just stitched 360 degree panorama or

what ever you say man..I am novice...thanks for help

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 ok basics first - do you have some images you can use to make your tour? if you don't then i can look for some which you can use.  Let me know and we can go from there.
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First step: you need to have an equirectangular or stitched image to get a 360x180 panorama. That stitched image is the one you have to load in Tourweaver. Not the 10 separated images as you called them, nor the QTVR.

Good luck.