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Using Dynamic Photo Hdr


Im using Dynamic Photo Hdr, I have some questions, hope some can help me:

1. If the images were taken with a tripod do I  need to align them ?

2. What is a good image size, so when I zoom In inside a VT , the image doesnt get blurry or poor?

3. At the Tone Mapping Mode, which of the buttons is better to use. Quick, 2x Fine or Full ?

4. Do I have to select the option NR to reduce the most visible noise ?

5. What about the "kelvin" function, does it increments the image size, is it recommended?

Regards, Sal
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Hi Sal,

I don't use this program but I can answer question 5.

Kelvin is a measurement in colour temperature (white balance) so it is very unlikely to have any effect on the image size.

Regards, Smooth
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Hi Sal, You do not need to align the images, only if they are mis-aligned i.e there was some movement between shots. Thsi program is very good at correcting this issue.

Keep the original image size (donut) whilst working with this software.

quick, x2 etc is irrelevent to the end result, it is only for "on the fly" display purposes only.

You can select the NR but the more smoothing effect you supply the less sharp the image becomes so use it just a very little. The Sky function works very well for outside shots and reduces the grain.

Don't bother with the kelvin effect or any other effect unless you want to start making un-realistic images.

Just process the three merged images, you shoudl only need to use a littel NR, the 360 Pano, maybe Sky and possibly increase the brightness and possibly reduce or increase the vivid colours but that is normally enough. If you play around too much the images become a bit cartoon like.

Once you save the image then put it through the Unwrapper software to produce the final Pano ready for import into Tourweaver.

Hope this helps.

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