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Urgent Advice -Please -


I am looking for a PANOHEAD (Rotator) for a Canon G10 Powershot,

But the specifications on the rotator  I want are:

That spinning around two axes (which create a sphere composed of multiple rows of photographs covering the ground to the sky and everything in between
you are taking pictures from the center of the sphere and the landscape around you forms the inner surface of that sphere)

Do you know which Panohead (rotator) as the specification I mentioned before, has compatibility with my Camera Canon G10 Powershot & Raynox DCR-CF 187 Pro Fisheye Lens

Also could you tell in which  specifications of a tripod ,,,,, should I pay attention, in order to fit with my Panohead (rotator), so I can get one.

Please Help, Advice

Regards, Sal