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Smooth, I've tried with the "play next tour" - and it doesnt work from the CD (or from the HDD). If I understand this correctly, the file that is chosen should start after all the scenes from the first tour went through? Well, in my case it only goes into a loop.

Furthermore, if I link a hotspot to a local file (I've tried with a full path - C:\and_so_on: and with a relative path) it doesnt work. When I export, the path gets changed, resulting in a File not found message. I guess what I need is a relative path in the exported file, but how to achieve that?

Sorry for being a pain in the ass on this matter, but, am I missing something out here? Is there anyone who can confirm this is working on his local PC or CD (i.e., linking from within one tour to another and opening the link in the same window)?

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Hi G, one way to tackle this could be to blend your tour into a webpage and have the buttons making the links via hyperlinks. The buttons would effectively be outside the skin but you could make it look as if they are part of the same thing. By doing this you could have links to local files no problem.


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