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Elevated photos

Hi All
I have been doing vt's now for a few years but have just inherited some new kit from a local company that went bust and owed me cash!!.
Its a 50 ft pneumatic mast with pan/tilt head an digital camera.
Now, I know this is nothing to do with vt's but just wondered if anyone can offer some tips on using the kit. In particular what is the best distance to be away from the subject to get a good view (real estate will be main focus). I am going to try some 360's from up there too but for now just need a helping hadn with standard stills if anyone can offer some help.
Thanks to all
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Suggest you learn to take and process normal tripod panoramas BEFORE you try using the 50' mast.  At least you will understand the process.

Its real easy to break something if you are unaware of the issues.

We take and process panoramas - using VR pan head/tripod,  Agno's HD fiberglass pole (9 meter 27 foot), Agno's BigAgno's Systems pole 1.5m to 7.5m or 4.5 feet to 23 feet.  And Agno's newest Furbopod traveling tripod/converts to 2.5m about 8 foot pole.

Suggest start using the small easiest to handle rig first.


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