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Different tour for fullscreen. How?

I have a tour. It has 2 options of viewing.
1. Inside a webpage (or in pop-up window)
2. fulscreen
Options for different resolution pictures for full screen i realized, but i have a more complicated task.
In my tour i have pop-up windows with information, hotspot markers, etc. How to scale it during the tour?
i.e. when my tour inside a webpage it's size 400x300px. and my pop-up windows inside the tour has 800x600px (optimized for full screen) when it pops it useles and unreadable inside small window. The same story with size of hotspots. Optimized for fullscreen viewing they looks huge inside non-maximized tour.
As variant, i would like to know how to show "thumbnail panel" only in fullscreen viewing (as option for map).
It must be or solution with different pictures inside 1 tour, or it must be solution with 2 different tours

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Hi there,

I think the 'scaling up' thing is not a possibility with anything from EP just now. I have listed this in my hopes for a future release and when I mentioned it to EP support they seemed keen on the idea.