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Recent hotspot issue

I'm have been building tours with 3.0 since it's release. Suddenly, with my last two tours, I am experiencing a problem with my tours freezing up when hotspots are added to my interior map and any map button is clicked. This does not happen with the addition of hotspots on the exterior map. My sop is to load my maps then my sphericals testing as I go. Then I add my hotspots, in these two cases, three pop-up images on my exterior map and three pop-up images on my interior map. Both maps are 450x525 (px) and I'm using default hotspots. The only difference is pop-up images for exterior are 400x533, interior 400x600. I have tried resizing all to one size but it didn't make a difference. All images are optimized so size (mass) has never been an issue. I feel like I must be doing something different and not catching it. Any ideas?