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SWF sound problem in TW5

I have just tried the easypano TW5 demo and noticed that if you play the swf pop up and then close it the sound keeps playing. This was an issue in TW3 & TW4 and clearly has not been resolved yet.

I am using windows vista.

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I tested the demo and had the same problem on Mac with the swf pop up sound still playing after closing it.
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Same with the .flv videos. If you put the video in a "popup" and close it, it still plays.

Personally I would like to see the following behavior: When putting a video in a popup I would like it have the option of playing when the popup is shown and stop playing when it is hidden. Simple as that.

I showed a prospective client some of the capabilities of TW5 and he won't do the project unless it behaves as suggested. Having to click on a video to get it to start playing is doable but getting it to stop when the popup is hidden is a must.

Easypano, can you please get this to work or give a reason why this may not be updated? I have a great need for this as soon as possible.