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Integrating TW into webpage

How do you integrate the files and tour itself into a separate web page? I need them embedded into my website and clients website. It can't be that hard. Being new to this software, I'm a little confused.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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After you published the project, there are some files generated, you need to upload all of these files onto your or your client's server and keep their structure unchanged.

If you want to embed the virtual tour into your website and the clients's website, the published files should be uploaded to the same directory with your and your clients's website files(such as html file). Then open "Tourweaver_xxx.html" by notepad or dreamweaver, copy these codes between <body> and </body> into the target html file(your webpage file or your clients'). If you know how to design web page, i think this will be very simple to you.

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