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TW4 vs TW5

Am I missing something here?

I could have sworn that TW4 was supposed to support embedding a Flash movie within the tour.  Easypano actually used to have a sample tour from TW4, very similar to the TW5 sample, that had a small Flash movie embedded.

Since I really don't have $200 to upgrade right now, I'd love to have some TW4 support, but it seems that all of the TW4 examples have been removed.

Does anyone remember how to embed the video in TW4?



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Yeah you can have swf files.  I add a hotspot - select 'actions' then 'misc' and add pop-up image - when you browse for the image click on the 'files of type' option at the bottom of the windows brower window and you will see that the default setting is jpg etc but that there is also a swf file option. Select that and 'hey presto'

Hope this helps