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how to reset .flv video

Hi, I present the following problem:

I open a popup window with .flv video, then run the video OK, but if I navigate to other scene and I comeback this popup, the video are in the some time position, I need that it reset to start position.

How to reset a .flv video? Until now, only I can do if run the .exe again. This is not always good.

Thanks for you help!
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You can't reset the video. Not in the current release of TW5.

After much messing around with Flash Studio 3 (which was a suggestion to use to overcome the limitations of TW5 video playback) I have come to a conclusion. For me, this option is also unacceptable so I'm at a dead end again.

Here is why. Flash Studio 3 will render a video in different ways that can be used in TW5.

To a .flv file only. This can be imported into TW5 and you can use the TW5 video player which is very limited in capabilities like auto rewind. Not to mention it keeps playing when you hide the pop up it is in (in full screen mode only)

Or to a .swf file that can be imported into TW5. This option could be better because you can chose a player skin with more options and it will look better. The bad thing is you are limited to 16000 frames of video and the whole thing will need to load before the video starts to play. This is bad if you have a video that is of good resolution and the file size is large. If a short video with low quality then maybe this is the option for you. There still is that nagging problem when the swf will keep playing after the pop up it is in is closed.

I tried a hybrid option where Flash Studio 3 can render a swf (player) that looks good and references a .flv file in the same directory as the swf. I tried to import just the swf into TW5 and while the player skin shows the video will not play and yes I put the flv file in the same directory as the swf (in the resource directory in the published tour)

So at this point I'm a little discouraged.

I'd be happy if TW5 would just make the .flv player to auto-rewind and stop playing when hiding the pop up that shows the flv when in full screen mode. Video player skin enhancements can come later.

Anybody else have some options? EP, are you working on a fix? I've emailed support about this a couple weeks ago and no answer yet.
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See also EasypanoForum: Miscellaneous - Gallerie - Examples with embedded videos.

My last mail to the support of Easypano was jan. 27 and no answer yet.

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Also very interested in swf/flv improvements... event to support the only xfl new format exported from AfterEffets cs4.


Gerard =>> try to send email to EP directly here for reporting bugs: