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Tourweaver 5.00 for Mac

I contacted EP help desk about the Mac version of Tourweaver 5.00 more than two months ago.
Here is the answer.:
Yes, we plan to develop a Mac version of Tourweaver, If everythings goes well, theMac version of Tourweaver will be released in two months But now we recommend you to use Tourweaver 5.00 on Mac via VMware fusion.

It is February 23 2010 and there is no news about the Mac version yet.
It was the same story last year. They sad they are going to have a mac version of Tourweaver in the beginning of 2009.
Easypano should at least inform us about their process and stop teasing us with false statements about there software developments.
Just simple say that we won't develop the mac version of Tourweaver.

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there is something newer about Tourweaver for Mac?

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Quote: Originally posted by tking71 on February-23-2010
If everythings goes well,

I guess everything didn't go well!

Regards, Smooth
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Hello Tking,

We're sorry for all the inconvenience. I confirm that Tourweaver for Mac is under developing and will be ready very soon. As you may know, we have a lot of customer using Mac computers, so there is no reason that we don't hurry up for the Mac versions of Easypano products. Thank you very much for your patient.

Easypano Holdings Inc.