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FLV file bug - any solution



Im trying to add a flv video to my tour. When I try and publish my loading page gets to 10% and then crashes. I see other people have had this problem but I cant find a solution.

If anyone knows how to fix this I would be most grateful





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It can work,but the FLV can't zoom in or zoom out with the scene,I think it is not so good. The flv should zoom in or zoom out with the scene.

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I don't know if this will help but does the file name for the .flv have any spaces or special characters? I've seen strangeness in the past with this but not specifically with .flv files.
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We have created a new tw player "twwinpro.exe", which has fixed this problem, you just need to download the "twwinpro.exe", save it at the installation directory of Tourweaver 5.00 replacing the old one there, the new "twwinpro.exe" can be downloaded HERE

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Please can you re-upload this bug fix ?