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Download 'stand alone' on Mac

Hi there,
I can make a downloadable exe which runs on PC but I'm considering offering a download for my problematic tour (see the 'Firefox hangs at 10% thread) on a Mac.

I'm no Mac expert though.  What can I do to allow someone with a Mac to download a tour and have it work easily?  I can make an .exe for PC but I'm clueless as to what to do with a Mac.

Any help is, as ever, much appreciated.

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For the time being you have to go through the html output to make it run on a mac as a "standalone" tour.

If and when the TW will output a single swf, it would be possible to create a flash projector for mac using adobe flash software. The flash projector is a single file which can be played on pc and mac (you still need two versions of projectors for the enduser, one for pc and one for mac)