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TW4 Jerky...not jerky?

Hi there,

Am just testing a tour on a new touchpad (touchscreen) HP laptop.  I'm having a bit of a problem and hope someone might shed some light on it.

I have a tour which is an IE page which sits on top of an autorun page that I made.  The autorun was made using longtion's Autorun Pro Enterprise.  Basically all that is important is this

- when I look at the tour, as published to IE, it works fine - small screen, full screen no problems

- when I look at the same tour, published to IE and sitting on my autorun page, it works fine - no problems in small screen  BUT almost uncontrollable on  full screen.

So what happens between small/full screen which causes this jerkiness?  Is the maching using more memory? How can I solve this problem?

Any help is much appreciated.  I'm using Windows 7.