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Tourweaver for Mac

Dear Valued Customers,

This is to inform you that Tourweaver for Mac will be ready soon. All TW Win users can switch to Mac version free of charge by then, but you have to know that there will be a few changes in feature. Would you please tell us your favorite features so that we can reconsider them if they have been missed?

There will be only Professional Edition available at the very beginning, but if you are using TW Standard Edition, you can make the upgrade if you like it. Thank you for your understanding.

Easypano Marketing Team

The Virtual Tour Way

Easypano Holdings Inc.
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Hi could any of you users can recommend tour builder as easy pano is fails to respond few times to tech questions
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More advanced Java Script option would be nice.

I would like to open external sites or files in shadowbox by using script to call it,

this way we can call and open external tours by using shadowbox.

It will decrease the loading time of the main tour.

This will also allow us to open Google Maps or any external contact forms or sites from the tour.

The current script allows us to use the very basic window open script only.

Thank you for your effort and I look forward to test the Mac version.


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as a Mac user I'm very glad to hear this !!

- Google Maps
- A function to activate a slide show of normal pictures would be great. (something lika simpleviewer, autoviewer, etc..)
- Being able to load external websites in the popup window
- Being able to use several soundfiles in a Panorama and set the directions. So we can have even more have a 3D effect.

looking forward !

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oh yeah,

and also a volume button.

- Cleaner text !
- Compass Heading on panos

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Hi, 2 very important features for me is the possibility to have google maps and to choose specific panoramas in a tour from external links!
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Agree Google maps with possiblity to add Radar is a must! All my clients keep asking why I cannot do this :( and yet I have seen it done on other software (krpano) so it has to be possible.

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