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Introduction to Easypano Holdings Inc.

As people know that Easypano Holdings Inc. has been engaged in development of photo stitching software and virtual tour creating software since 2001 and has boasted two great products: Panoweaver and Tourweaver. Our customers are from all around the world and most of them are professionals in the field. Some famous companies and Universities like Boeging Company,Havard University and Yale University have purchased many copies of our products and they always have their products up to date. Many others are from governmental bodies such as Fire Fighting and Police Department.

However, few of customers know that Easypano is doing much more than developing software while most of them think that Easypano is only a small team. The fact is that Easypano has now its own office building and has around 200 employees.

We should admit that Easypano has slowed down the pace of software development in the past two years due to the fact that we have shifted our attention away for building many other big projects in China. Some of you may know our Chinese Street View, which is similar to Google Street View and has been lauched in 2008. We are on the recommended list of service provider of World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, and we have partnered with CMCC, the largest moblie service operation in China, and just completed a great project that you can view Shanghai Expo on your mobile phone by impletementing our virtual tour technology, all in panoramic image, but I'm not sure if people outside of China can view it via mobile phone or not.

Now, Easypano is declaring its return in software development. Just keep an close eye on what is going to happen to Easypano products and you will be proud to be the owners of Easypano products.

If you have any suggestions and comments on Easypano's development, please contact Joe at, and we would like to listen to your voice and grow stronger together with you.

Best Wishes

Joe Rao

Department Manager of Global Sales & Marketing

The Virual Tour Way
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Finnaly, that's a good decision.
It could be very helpfull if you can provide us with an agenda of tasks to be implemented in next 1/3/6/12 months because we'll be able to think how to plan and how to develop our projects. 
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