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Tourweaver Wish List

Hi ya folks,

I really like this program.  After working with Tourweaver for about a week now, the following are what would be nice to have if possible in a future release:

* Tour Resume feature (tour starts back up from where one momentarily stops the tour to examine a scene)
* Undo feature
* Use of other sound file formats like mp3 vs. just au
* Text box (not label) that wraps
* Easier/more intuitive compass setting
* Send/Email to a Friend feature
* Ability to embed Flash?


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How about the ability to format the Label? ...or did I miss that?

Larry Flash Alexander
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Hi,eagle and Flash

These feature requests have been delivered to the Easypano developing department.

Some of the functions,such as resume function,will be added in the coming edtion.

Welcome to give us more advice.


Easypano support

Best regards,
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hi, flash

what format do you like for the label (or any text component)?

Easypano Observer