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Is it easy to use tourweaver?

Hi to all
I just download the tourweaver for mac
Is it easy or difficult software
comere always to competitors like [some other software] (the one that I am using now)
Can I change the skins with my own and add elements to the final design?
I need your opinion because the money is quite a lot(why?)

Thank you
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I don't know about the MAC version or if or how it differs to the PC version but Tourweaver has the best and easiest to use GUI of all the panorama tour software.

Still, you have to learn it - get the know the locations of things and find "it's" logic.

Plenty of help here on the easypano forums and there are some basic tutorials to get you going.

Regards, Smooth [8D]

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Hi Nikos

Welcome to the forum.  I found Tourweaver pretty much ok to use. Some of the details can be a bit harder but the forum, as Smooth says, is a great source of help.  Yell if you have any questions.