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Some thoughts on TW6

Couldn't wait to check the features of the new toy. So, these are my thoughts on TW6:

* FullScreen interface is shared as .fla - now we can tweak the fullscreen UI ourselfs. Cool!

* for flash, video objects you can set perspective mode. This means that objects are not billboarded, but stay in their correct position when sphere rotates. Also you can adjust perspective in such a way that object aligns to panorama objects. THE FEATURE i wait for a long time.

** You can combine this with transparent video and integrate video more seemlessly than ever. It becomes even more realistic when you zoom and integrated video zooms with panorama also.

* Lens flare - also a cool effect, except that it becomes computationaly expensive when you look at the sun (need to tweak the performance in this casem, maybe add some restrictions, so that it doesn't impact performance as much).

** With the flare effect, which is implemented in flash we have a proof that tourweaver already has the capability to be a flexible and extensible solution. I just wish VERY much that developers expose their API in such a way that we could create extensions by ourselfs. This applies to scene objects.

** With flash thumbnails once again we see that tourveawer is good enough to extend main window objects.

* "Cool effects" are also cool thing ;) And it should be easy to create such effects by ourselfs (if were would be such a possibility).

* Google maps is also a good thing, so that you don't need to do it manually. I miss a little more options, for example to select initial map type, map controls. This is quite easy to implement, i hope developers will ad more options in time.

Only 1 thing which i miss - is scene dependent objects. For example, i'd like to implement scene specific galleries (image or video). I'd like to appear some additional controls (popup window can be used for that) for the specific scenes. I don't know, how this could be implemented. Maybe, an exposed API for the loaded swf files would be enough.

Such are my hot thoughts :) Overall i'm very happy with this realease.
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The thing I want is the ability to fix a video to your skin and have it change according to the scene (as with the text box).  Havent had time to see if this is here yet but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.