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Calling an exact scene of a tour by link

Is it possible to call exact scene from the tour? For example I have a tour of a city, it's published on web. I poist an article, where describe one new builiding in sity. This building is in 3rd scene of my tour. Can I post an url (or there is some other way) calling exactly 3rd scene of my tour but not the first?

Thank you.

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No, not at this stage. What you are asking for is called deep linking.

Tourweaver is not designed to be a Google map builder. Panowalker software is more like it but still want meet your requests (at least not yet).

Regards, Smooth [8D]

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Hi Karell, the only work around for this that I can see is to create a movie for that scene/pano and then link it from the hotspot.

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Karell, there is no solution if you have a city tour. We've asked EP many times for an efficient solution:

- add 200+ scenes


- add deep linking.

That feature should be added since today all project in this field are much bigger with more and more 360 fov content.

But that new Google feature of TW6 we hope we'll attract a complete solution to integrate much bigger projects (with more then 200 panos anyway).