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closing all popups at once

Is there a way to close all active popup windows at once, rather than going back and adding a separate "close action" for every other popup window, for every instance?

Is there perhaps, a global script i could put in place on each popup window, that would say "close all others". I never want more than one open at the same time.

Any suggestions would be appreciated,
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On a similar note. Tourweaver needs to offer better control of SWF components. For instance hiding a PopUp leaves it in memory. Ie if there is audio in the PoopUp it will continue to play even after it is "dismissed." This is begging for problems.

It would be great if TW offered hooks that allowed actions inside of SWFs to be communicated to the Tour at large. Offering a fixed instance name for the SWF would be a step in the right direction.

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Actually, (and this is for EP staff)

If this isn't in TW6 and is a feature request, could I also ask that any 'global' control regarding pop-ups also has a feature which lets you control which pop-ups sound is being heard, so not only could Weaver have only one pop-up open at a time, but that if more than one pop-ups were open then only one sound would be open.