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question for all

Hello All,

I have a question about Tourweaver. In the "Scene Description" field..Is there a way to make that description be an exterior txt file that can be changed by simply changing the txt file itself?

What I am attempting to accomplish is to let my agents be able to login to a password protected area and change the description for any room they choose by simply changing the txt file...As it is right now, you can place the description within this field by using a txt file, but I think once you change the txt file you must regenerate the tour.

Any help would be great.

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That is a very good suggestion!

I doubt you could do this ATM, but it should be considered for a future release.

Regards, Smooth

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Indeed a good suggestion for future release.

Same with images.  Once you import info into the tour whether it be text info and especially images, you'd have to regenerate the whole tour.