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Pre sales query


I'm a graphic designer and have a I have a Nikon 8700 with a fisheye lens.  I'm looking for tour software that would allow me to:

1. Create my own artwork for the tours navigation buttons and background imagery (hopefully also allowing me to use the built in scripting available via the templates on offer in the software). 

2. It would also be useful if the files created were able to interact with Director, Flash and or Dreamweaver.

If TourWeaver can't do these things, I'd appreciate alternate suggestions.

Thanks in advance


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Hi steiner,

Yes, TW allows for one to create or use your own design.  You can be as creative as you'd like.

The tour images can be in gif, png, or jpg.  The pano or still images for the actual tour however need to be jpg.

I've never tried incorporating flash into the tour, so I'd let the others comment on that.  I've only used the tour creation facility of TW and haven't tried use Dreamweaver or FP to alter the format.  Not sure if you can do that since it may create conflicts or broken scripts if an third party web program is used to format the tour.