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Tourweaver rotation


I use Tourweaver
I wonder if some day the panoramics in Tourweaver will rotate as smooth and fluent as those seen in FPP and  [some other software] made?
Is Easypano already doing something about it?
I love Tourweaver but his defective form of rotating panoramics puts us in disadvantage compared to FPP and FFc.
In advance, thanks for your response.

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Hello Roberto ,

Thank you for your suggestion.We are always working hard on making TW more powerful and more perfect.I will submit your rotation suggestion to our developer and we will work on it to make the rotation more smooth.

By the way we have just upgrade TW6 two days ago , you view its new features  here:  and download here :

This is donald from easypano,welcome you to use our products and visit our forum.
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is it possible to add, in the downloaded file name, the version like "tw6win_pro_20101126.exe".

This will help us in the gestion of all the kits we download and sometimes forget to rename.

Btw, is that version the one you promised us by Friday ?  Or is it still the buggy one ?

The "rotation problem" has already been escalated a few months ago : Here in the forum


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