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Scene Viewer Issue

I started with new project with Tourweaver. After adding scene viewer component to blank project and adding cylindrical image in List. Then I preview, the result appears nothing in scene viewer affer loading screen appears. My cylindrical image has 13640*1300 pixel size. I need help.
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Hi Patuan, welcome to the forum. Your image size is too large. Try to reduce it right down to something like 4000 x 1200. Someone else might be able to advise on the optimen size that TW can work with but this will get things working for you.

Happy new year :)

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Hello Patuan,

Thank you for visiting EP forum.

There are two methods can solve this problem:

One is to reduce the size of the image. Just as nerjaace said.

One is to choose Slice Display in the publish settings window.

Here is a screenshot which can show you how to do it:


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