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Seamless linking to hosted tours


I am new to publishing virtual tours and am currently trialing TW Professional. Can anyone explain how my realtor/estate agent client can include links in their websites to the virtual tour I will be hosting on their behalf via a hosting service provider? Is it a simple case of giving the realtor the code generated by TW for inclusion on their property listings? Also I would appreciate any advice on what I need to consider with regards hosting parameter i.e. uptime, reliability (can't have my realtors clients viewing virtual tours that keep "falling over" due to hosting issues :-)

Thanks folks

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Hi Mike,

All you need do is have the Realtor etc. Add code to their website that points to your website/webspace so when the viewer is looking at and click on the the link you have provided to "them" it will open a window on now should you use "Java scripting" you can make the window any size with or without special options like scroll bars and menu bars etc. I see Seaman has responded with a good example in the other thread you started. I also received your email and will reply as soon as I get that computer up and running after my big move yesterday. ATM I'm reading on the server only and not downloading. (Sorry for the delay!) My world is a little upside down ATM.

Regards, Smooth